Disposal of Your Tired Pallets

Your wooden pallet disposal problem is no problem with us. While each customer’s pallet disposal is calculated independently, and often may require a disposal charge, there are some instances when the pallets you are looking to dispose of may even have value in them. Pallet Resource buys repairable pallets.

Pallet Resource disposes of hundreds of pallets and pallet waste daily by grinding the pallets into a usable wood fiber. This method of disposal by renewing the old pallet to a usable fiber is the most environmentally friendly because no pallets are either landfilled or burned.

Our two large grinders produce uniformly sized, clean wood fiber that is sold for several uses. We also manufacture and market our own colored mulch Designer Wood and a governmental certified playground surface material, Kid Cushion. The grinders have large magnets that extract the nails, which are also recycled to a metal recycler.

Just-in-time deliveries of our products are made to your business in our fleet of vehicles and trailers. Enclosed van trailers, flat bed trailers and straight trucks can accommodate any size order and loading preference. We also offer drop trailer arrangements for convenient loading and unloading on-site.

Call us at (336) 731-8338 today to discuss how to manage the recycling and disposal of your unneeded pallets

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