Pallet Solutions for Your Business Needs

New Pallets

PRNC specializes in building new pallets customized to any size or dimension, available in both runner-style and block style. New pallets are available in a variety of wood species including southern yellow pine and mixed hardwoods. We can tailor your pallet design to the needs of shipping and protecting your product.

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Remanufactured and Combo Pallets

The 3 R’s of sustainability are “Reduce,” “Recycle,” and “Reuse”. “Reuse” is the most environmentally responsible R. That’s why PRNC works to keep millions of old pallets out of the landfill every year by disassembling our unrepairable pallets. Remanufactured pallets are constructed from wood that is reclaimed from used scrap pallets, disassembled on-site at our facility.

Combo Pallets are one of our specialties. These pallets combine new and used lumber components to cut your costs. Typically made with new runners and reclaimed decking, combo pallets are cost effective and environmentally green.

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Repaired Pallets

Pallets that have broken components can be repaired and returned to service for a fraction of the cost of a new pallet. Pallets repaired at PRNC are as solid and strong as a new pallet.

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Pallet Disposal Services

PRNC offers pallet and solid wood disposal for a nominal fee compared to most waste alternatives.

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